This is one of the most powerful testimonies of God’s grace, kindness, mercy and goodness I have ever heard. It is a compelling, beautiful word about the manifold wisdom of God being displayed in both the church and through disability. Watch. Weep. Rejoice. Trust Jesus.


For the woman trying to figure out what biblical submission looks like, check out this helpful, concise, succinct, rich article about a very unpopular, yet biblical, topic.

Whether single or married, submission is a core heart’s issue revealing one’s dependence upon God.

Pastor Scotty Smith has been “tweeting” a series about the implications of the Gospel. Since many do not use Twitter, I thought it would be helpful to compile these in one place. They are so good.

Gospel Implications: Jesus’ imputed righteousness demolishes our hope of meriting God’s favor and fear of losing it.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is currently making all his enemies his footstool, our right to anxiety & fear is gone.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus took our guilt & shame on the cross, we can’t use those dark tools in our relationships.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus in making all things new, we can’t disengage from the culture & abuse the environment.

Gospel Implications: Since God promises the sufficiency of his grace, we can’t bail as quickly from difficult situations.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus said “It is finished”, all attempts at supplementing his work are blasphemous.

Gospel Implications: Because the throne of heaven is occupied, you can get off of your high horse.

Gospel Implications: Because one day we will be as lovely & loving as Jesus, holiness should be a passion & joy today.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus will not sleep or slumber tonight, we can.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is praying we’ll be filled with his joy, staying dour, smug, & cold is not an option.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus has perfectly obeyed the law for us, we don’t have to, we GET to.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus cannot possibly love us more than he already does, we can focus on loving others.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is our Advocate & Intercessor, who even purifies our prayers, we can pray big & boldly.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is the ONLY perfect spouse, let’s not expect our spouse to be Jesus to us.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus IS a perfect spouse to us, let’s love our spouse more sacrificially & extravagantly.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus ONLY & ALWAYS speaks words of life to us, how dare we harm one another with OUR words?

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is redeeming a pan-national Bride, we must decry & repent of all racism & tribalism.

Gospel Implications: Since we are in Christ and condemnation free, all self-contempt must be repudiated as unbelief.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus came to set prisoners free, we must not stay enslaved to bitterness, greed and vanity.

Gospel Implications: Do not think/act like an orphan, for you are a legally adopted, dearly loved child of your Father.

Like many of you I’m confronted with mixed emotions at the news that Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday by U.S. Special Forces. I have to confess that I am thankful for justice, grateful that a murderous tyrant is no longer alive to orchestrate, inspire and conduct global acts of mass terrorism against humanity. But I am sorrowful as well, knowing that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God apart from Jesus Christ. Osama bin Laden deserved and received justice when his life ended yesterday, and now he awaits final judgment before a holy and righteous God. This is a sobering reality, and a poignant reminder that many souls today who rejoice at his death will spend an eternity with him in Hell if they do not repent of their sins and trust in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ on the cross for sin. There remain many fields to plow for the sake of the Gospel among peoples both at home and abroad. Our neighbors and the nations need the Gospel.

Denny Burk offers some more helpful thoughts about we should respond to bin Laden’s death.

Very helpful, biblical post about the dark cloud that has settled over Japan.

When love has wept and worked, it must have something to say about God. It doesn’t need to have all the answers. Only God does. But it has the Bible, and the Bible is not silent on this matter.