Swimming Biblically

August 1, 2011

Here's one of my advanced swimming techniques. Maybe I'm missing something.

I love being in water. At the gym, in the ocean, even the shower. Water is great. And I really enjoy swimming, but I have a confession. I’m terrible at swimming. Sure, I can move through the water at a good pace, but I’m horribly inefficient and my arms end up doing all the work. I hear that swimming is a whole body exercise, but I’m okay with my purely functional windmill stroke. After all, I’m in the water, I enjoy it immensely, and I’m content.

But what if, in my Bible reading, I discovered passages that described particular techniques for to enhance my swimming. I wouldn’t have to do them all, especially not all at once, but shouldn’t I want to look into these strokes and see if it helped my swimming? That’s one way of looking at the biblical examples of outward expression in worship. What does the Bible say about how God’s people express themselves in worship?

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