One Pound of God, Please

March 19, 2011

Preparing for Worship – March 20, 2011

Note: I’ve been putting these notes on the website each Saturday, but I’m going to begin occasionally putting them on the blog. I hope a few more people find it helpful to be nudged in the right direction for Sunday morning.

Infinite worth. That’s a hard value to imagine, but that is the value of Christ to those who trust in him for their lives and hope. It was not hard to imagine for the men who found a treasure hidden in a field or a pearl of unmatched quality. (Mt 13:44-45). They reoriented their lives around the value of the treasure they had found. That’s harder for us when we consider the treasure of Jesus. We can sometimes respond like the poet, Wilbur Reese:

I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.
Not enough or explode my soul or disturb my sleep,
But just enough to equal a cup of warm milk, or a snooze in the sunshine.
I don’t want enough of Him to make me love a black man, or pick beets with a migrant worker.
I want ecstasy, not transformation.
I want the warmth of the womb, not a new birth.
I want a pound of the eternal in a paper sack.
I would like to buy three pounds of God, please.

None of us would claim to portion out God in such a prideful way. And yet, we can be quick to set our expectations of what we want from God and limits on how we will respond to Him. But God is not impressed by our directions. The reality is this: we desperately need all of God, and we need to revel in all His worthiness. Will you prepare yourself to marvel at the treasure of Jesus with us this Sunday morning? I look forward to worshiping with you.

Pastor Drew


CALL TO WORSHIP               Worthy of Worship #3

SINGING THE GOSPEL         He is Jesus
There’s a treasure great in beauty, far surpassing earth’s great wealth
He is Jesus, Prince of Glory, source of all grace, peace, and health
There’s a fountain ever flowing, satisfying all who drink
He is Jesus, spring of joy to all who hail Him as their King

There’s a power, holy power, breaking bonds of captive men
He is Jesus, mighty Jesus, holy warrior and sinner’s friend
There’s a Savior rich in mercy, quick to pardon all our sins
He is Jesus, great Redeemer, reconciling God and man

There’s a glorious Lord returning, and all will bow to Him alone
He is Jesus, King of nations, reigning from His gracious throne
There is one to whom our praises will through every age ascend
He is Jesus, King forever, whose wondrous rule will never end

Before the Throne of God Above
Before the throne of God above I have a strong and perfect plea
A great High Priest whose name is Love who ever lives and pleads for me
My name is graven on His hands, my name is written on His heart
I know that while in heaven He stands,
No tongue can bid me thence depart, no tongue can bid me thence depart

When Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within
Upward I look and see Him there who made an end of all my sin
Because the sinless Savior died, my sinful soul is counted free
For God the Just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me
To look on Him and pardon me

Behold Him there the risen Lamb, my perfect spotless Righteousness
The great unchangeable I Am, The King of glory and of grace
One with Himself I cannot die, my soul is purchased by His blood
My life is hid with Christ on high with Christ my Savior and my God
With Christ my Savior and my God

Above All Else Sanctuary Choir

Out of Control and Loving It: Living Life Palms Up
Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12                David King

RESPONDING TO GOD’S WORD AND SPIRIT        As Long as You Are Glorified
Shall I take from Your hand Your blessings yet not welcome any pain?
Shall I thank You for days of sunshine yet grumble in days of rain?
Shall I love You in times of plenty
Then leave You in days of drought?
Shall I trust when I reap a harvest
But when winter winds blow, then doubt?

Oh, let Your will be done in me – in Your love I will abide
Oh, I long for nothing else as long as You are glorified

Are You good only when I prosper and true only when I’m filled?
Are You King only when I’m carefree and God only when I’m well?
You are good when I’m poor and needy
You are true when I’m parched and dry
You still reign in the deepest valley
You’re still God in the darkest night



He Is Jesus © 2003 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
Before The Throne Of God Above © 1997 PDI Worship
As Long as You Are Glorified © 2008 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
Songs used by permission. CCLI #79621

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