Greatest End

March 18, 2011

It usually takes a while for a song to work its way into our minds and hearts. The first time we listen, it may strike us as pretty or poignant. We’re just beginning to learn the song. On the second or third exposure, we are learning it, getting the words in our mouths and the rhythm in our minds. We are finally able to sing it. That’s when a carefully chosen song really begins to serve us. The melody keeps the words in our mind, and we are able to meditate on them, reflect on their meaning, and make the song our own expression. That happened for a lot of folks this past Sunday.

I’ve had several family members ask about the song we sang after the sermon. The song, Greatest End, was written by a member of the music ministry at Grace Community Church in Nashville, TN. The only recording I know of is available at as an mp3 download. The whole recording is good, but Greatest End has been the high point of the CD since I first heard it. Maybe its because I fear man more easily than I fear God at times, and maybe it’s because I desire Christ to be my great treasure and greatest end. If the song is helpful to you, I encourage you to purchase it yourself and reflect on the lyrics.

Greatest End
May I fear You greater than I fear man; I fear man.
May my love for You be measured by obedience, by repentance.
And in that moment humbly bow; teach my heart, show me how
To fear You more my Lord, my God! Faithful Friend, greatest End.

May I want You greater than earthly things, worldly things.
May I find my greatest treasure hid in You, bound in You.
And in that moment sell my all, gladly trade all I own
All to gain the priceless pearl! Truest Friend, greatest End.

May I love You greater than my own will, my own will.
May I seek my greatest pleasure from Your hand, from Your hand.
And that moment lift my eyes to the cross, up to Christ
Die to self and gain Your life, Savior Friend, greatest End
Greatest End.

©2005 Leeandred Music and Manicotti Music (ASCAP)

By the way, we’re going to begin learning another song this Sunday night at our Members Meeting. Come listen and begin learning this week so we can be ready to sing it together with all our hearts and minds on Easter morning.

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