Parenting: It’s Never An Interruption

January 16, 2011

Here’s a tease from Paul David Tripp’s parenting resource Getting To The Heart Of Parenting. I’ve already ordered a copy for my family, and hope to share it with some of you via a parenting seminar in the near future. Now, getting to the good stuff, the actual tease.  We sometimes see the many roles we have as parents as interruptions to our lives. We are providers, protectors, referees, mediators, judges, advocates, teachers and more, and reality is that we are often called into action at the most inconvenient times. Our children put their desires in action, which are more often than not sinful, and we are called to respond. These times feel inconvenient because we most often see things from our own narrow perspective, rather than embracing the reality of what God is doing in both the lives of our children and ourselves. Tripp says:

But the reality is different from God’s perspective. The sin, weakness, rebellion, or failure of your children is never an imposition on your parenting. It is never an interruption. It is never a hassle.  It is always grace. God loves your children. He has put them in a family of faith, and in relentless grace he will reveal their need to you again and again so that you can be his tool of awareness, conviction, repentance, faith, and change. And because in these moments he asks you to forsake your agenda for his, this opportunity of grace is not just for your children, it’s for you as well.

Be encouraged. God is not only at work in your family, but if you belong to him as a son or daughter, God is at work in you to bring about His good pleasure in your family. You need only be sensitive to the Spirit that is already striving within you.

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