What Terry Jones Could Say on 9/11

September 9, 2010

Here’s what Pastor Terry Jones could say on Saturday, in front of the worldwide news media:

Like many people in America, I’m concerned over what I perceive to be a growing threat of radical Islam in the world.  I thought that by burning the Koran, my church could make a statement that we will never back down to fundamentalist Muslims.  I realize now that, even if my convictions remain, my approach was wrong.  Not only have I caused potential harm to our military troops, whom I wholeheartedly support, but I have also added unnecessary offense to the message I want the whole world to hear: that Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God in the flesh, was crucified for sinners and raised to life for the salvation of all who will turn to him in faith.  I have asked God to forgive me for obscuring this really good news.  I’m asking my fellow Christians to forgive me for my foolishness, which has made their own witness harder.  And I would like to ask my Muslim neighbors in particular to forgive me.  I hope in my repentance right now that they will see some evidence of the humility and love of Jesus, whose name I hope to represent better in the future.

Jones’ folly has no doubt done irreparable damage to the witness of the gospel.  But how might God be pleased even now to use Jones’ humble repentance and clear statement of the gospel?  Surely we should pray that Jones will not only change his mind about burning the Koran on 9/11, but that his explanation will seek to restore honor to Christ and the kingdom.


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