Masculinity & Femininity

June 9, 2010

We’ve recently heard two messages on what the Bible teaches us about God’s design for men and women, how male and female are intended to relate to one another, and a profile of how the scriptures describe a masculine man and a feminine woman. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to one or both of these messages, you can check them out here.

Volumes have been written, and hundreds of sermons have been preached on these important issues.  So it goes without saying that, at best, these sermons could only serve to jump-start what we hope is a healthy dialogue about biblical masculinity and femininity. As a result we are hosting a Q&A on Sunday evening June 13 at Connection. This will be a good opportunity for us to respond to the teaching of God’s Word together, as well as discuss how to apply the truth of God’s Word in practical ways in our lives.

You can submit a question in one of three ways. All questions should be submitted by midnight on Saturday June 12.

  1. Text message your question to 313-3223.
  2. Email your question to
  3. Submit a question in the comment section of this blog.

I’m eager to hear how you’ve been processing this short sermon series, and even more eager to see us grow in maturity as godly men and women by the power of the Spirit and the freedom of the Gospel.


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