We’ve recently heard two messages on what the Bible teaches us about God’s design for men and women, how male and female are intended to relate to one another, and a profile of how the scriptures describe a masculine man and a feminine woman. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to one or both of these messages, you can check them out here.

Volumes have been written, and hundreds of sermons have been preached on these important issues.  So it goes without saying that, at best, these sermons could only serve to jump-start what we hope is a healthy dialogue about biblical masculinity and femininity. As a result we are hosting a Q&A on Sunday evening June 13 at Connection. This will be a good opportunity for us to respond to the teaching of God’s Word together, as well as discuss how to apply the truth of God’s Word in practical ways in our lives.

You can submit a question in one of three ways. All questions should be submitted by midnight on Saturday June 12.

  1. Text message your question to 313-3223.
  2. Email your question to amartin@concord-baptist.org
  3. Submit a question in the comment section of this blog.

I’m eager to hear how you’ve been processing this short sermon series, and even more eager to see us grow in maturity as godly men and women by the power of the Spirit and the freedom of the Gospel.


An Update from Alis

June 1, 2010

Pastor David wrote yesterday from Alis:

Hi, everybody!  Here´s the quick rundown, as I don´t have much time at
the moment.

– The team is healthy and encouraged.  Our translator, Robert, is the
best I´ve ever had in Peru.  I hope we can have him on every trip.
He´s that good.

– John Henson is virtually fluent in Spanish.  His ability to
communicate is amazing, and he seems completely in his element.  I´m
astounded at how the Lord provided Colby for us last year and John
this year.  God is good!

– Big news: Juan and Delia are out of town.  You heard me.  They are
supposed to return this afternoon, but we´ll see.  Nevertheless, we
had a great day yesterday.  Juan Jose, Lucilla, and Andrea are here
and warmly welcomed us.  Marheena and her family were very glad to see
us too.  We actually held a morning and evening service yesterday,
both of which went really well.  We sang, we prayed, and we studied
the book of Jonah together (chaps. 1-2 in the morning, chaps. 3-4 in
the evening).  There was much good discussion about the Lord´s mercy
toward us when we disobey as well as his love for the nations.  We
also talked a lot about his power and about our need to care about the
lost.  Everyone was very engaged, even the little kids.  It was a lot
of fun.  If Juan and Delia return, we hope to meet with them tonight.

– Marheena is having us over for lunch in 5 minutes, so I must wind
this up.  After lunch, we will go to Tomas to encourage the believers
there.  Tomorrow we hope to go to Miraflores, Vitis, and Huancaya.
Aaron, we are hoping Juan will be willing to make a trip to Lauros
with us to see Justo on Wednesday or Thursday.  We´ll have to see what
his schedule is like.

– One last quick note: an Adventist group has solidified and has a
sign up over their meeting place here in Alis.  Also, the IEP seems to
be meeting periodically now, with Alfonzo as the reinstated “leader”.
I know no other details right now about either group.  I hope to learn
more from Juan and Delia.

Grace and peace in Christ,

For clarification, the IEP (Evangelical Church of Peru) is the denomination that initially planted churches in this region in the 1950’s. For more than a decade most of these churches have lay dormant with no regular meetings. Alfonzo was the “leader” (i.e., pastor) of the church, but what the locals would describe as a “bad testimony” (unrepentant immorality) led to his removal when we arrived in Alis over 1 year ago. However, the IEP has not been worshiping with the small church we have planted for various reasons, but primarily because we are not IEP. The news that Alfonzo has been “reinstated” is surprising, but I am hopeful it is because he has repented and has been restored. We need to continue to pray for unity in the gospel in Alis.