Use It All, Lord

May 17, 2010

Today you will make a thousand decisions. Some small, seemingly insignificant and mundane. Others may be of monumental importance. And it is quite possible that, today, something will happen to you. A circumstance will interrupt and intrude upon your life without warning, and it will be fierce in its pursuit of you. The unexpected nature of the circumstance may very well shake the foundation of your faith, and it will most certainly tempt you to capitulate to its demands. These circumstances come in many forms: unexpected financial windfall, disease, a new relationship, betrayal, death, graduation, a new client, unemployment, a rebellious child, etc. In every case, the “test” is meant to have an effect in your life. It is meant to produce something in your life. Ever wonder what that is? Check out James 1:2-4. And if after figured out what the test is meant to produce in your, meditate on the fruit that blossoms when we respond to testing circumstances with hope in God. And may it be said of us, as Phillip Brooks once said, “Lord, by all Thy dealing with us, whether of joy or pain, of light or darkness, let us be brought to Thee.”


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