January 14, 2010

When disaster strikes a far off place in our world, we are often filled with a sense of hopelessness because we wonder: what can we do to help those who are suffering from so far away? We can always pray. We can and should pray for those who are suffering physically as a result of the earthquake in Haiti. We should also pray for those who have and will continue to suffer emotional trauma from the devastation. We can also pray that God would comfort those who are grieving lost loved ones, since many died when the earth opened her mouth to swallow the souls of many men, women and children this past week. We should pray that God would reveal His character and glory to the multitudes left to deal with the brokenness of this fallen world.This natural disaster has happened because this world is cursed, the result of the sin and rebellion of humanity. What we have seen in Haiti are but the birth pains of a world groaning for redemption as Jesus is working to make all things new through the gospel (Romans 8).

But most of us feel the desire to do something more than pray. A friend said today that he wished he had completed the disaster relief training course he started so that he could actually go to Haiti and physically help relieve the suffering of so many. Most of us can’t go, but we can give to disaster relief through an agency we trust. If you want to give financially to help deliver food, medicine and other needed aid, I encourage you to go to Sovereign Grace Ministries or AMGInternational and learn more about how you can share the love of Jesus through giving.


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