Questions for our Conversations

October 13, 2009

A few years ago, a pastor at Covenant Life Church (Chris Silard) proposed twenty questions to help his church care for one another. I have found them helpful in spiritual conversations, and I hope you will too.  Print them out and stick them in your Bible or on your desk.  Obviously, you wouldn’t strap someone down and burn through the whole list, but one or two of them in our conversations can help us make our way towards more meaningful and helpful relationships.

Twenty Questions to Help Me Care for Others

1. What has God been doing in your life recently?
2. How are you doing in spending consistent time with God?
3. What is the most meaningful thing that has happened to you since we last talked?
4. Can I share these observations of God’s grace in your life?
5. What observations do you have about my role in my marriage or parenting?
6. What has God been teaching you about? What are you studying?
7. What are you doing to attack sin?
8. How can I pray for you?
9. Any fears you have? Any other areas of temptation?
10. Are you discouraged about anything?
11. In what area do you find that your spiritual life or pursuit of growth is difficult?
12. What do you feel is going well in your spiritual life?
13. How is your area of serving in the church going? Is there something else you would like
to do to serve the church?
14. What are the desires and passions of your heart for the future?
15. (For a spouse) How is our fellowship with others? How could your fellowship with other
women, mine with other men, or ours with our children be better?
16. How can I help you grow, spiritually; practically; or relationally?
17. What is the most important decision facing you in the near future?
18. What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?
19. Have you read anything recently that has helped you spiritually?
20. What excites you about God’s work in our church right now?

You can download a PDF here.

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