New Jesus Storybook Bible coming soon

September 5, 2009

I know we’ve discussed the Jesus Storybook Bible from the pulpit and on the blog before, so it’s no stranger to the Concord family. Our Children’s ministry has several copies. I know at least a dozen families (including ours) who use them at home. It even made an appearance during Pastor David’s “Jesus Glasses” series on Wednesday nights – remember the story of the Tower of Babel? It’s a favorite resource for telling kids (and adults) the story of Jesus throughout the Bible.

Well, the big news from Zondervan is a brand new addition of the Jesus Storybook Bible coming out in October of 2009. What’s great about the new addition is AUDIO CDs! It sounds fantastic, and I look forward to using the stories on car trips, during family quiet times, and other creative ways. Maybe Jonathan will perform a puppet show of the story of Jonah for us. You can see more info at their new website.

In full disclosure, posting this blog gives us a chance at winning a case of the JSS for our church. Wouldn’t that be great? If we don’t win, I’ll be placing my order for the deluxe addition in October.

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