Making A Difference

August 12, 2009

Are all of the “choices” you have in life helping you make a difference for Jesus in your world? Are do the abundance of opportunities in your life actually paralyze your ability to serve the Kingdom well?

“My fear is that of all the choices people face today, the one they rarely consider is, ‘How can i serve most effectively and fruitfully in the local church?’ I wonder if the abundance of opportunities to explore today is doing less to help make well-rounded disciples of Christ and more to help Christians avoid long-term responsibility and have less long-term impact.”

(Kevin DeYoung, Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach To Finding God’s Will Or How To Make A Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Impressions, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing In The Sky, Etc, p.36-37)

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