Boys Aren’t Girls

July 8, 2009

Because God made us for different purposes, men and women should be educated differently.  This does not mean that they cannot be educated by the same people, in the same room.  But at the very least, if those who are instructing them have egalitarian assumptions, and they teach the boys and girls as though there were no difference between them, then they are asking for trouble.  The trouble they are asking for is that of wrecking masculinity in boys.  Sexually-integrated education, whether at home or in the classroom, must acquire the wisdom of biblical discrimination.

(Doug Wilson, Future Men, 115)


2 Responses to “Boys Aren’t Girls”

  1. Ken Says:

    I am reading “Wisker Rubs” written by Don Otis and published by AMG. His premise is that boys are much different than girls, they need to be reared differently, challenged differently, and taught that they are different. So far, I like what I am reading… biblical masculinity is definitely being discouraged in our society – I wonder why the enemy is so afraid of biblical manhood??

  2. Ramona Says:

    It just kills me when women get all concerned about how their young sons are acting and they’re just being little boys.

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