Knock ‘Em Down to the Glory of God

July 1, 2009

Feminine piety excels at a certain form of tenderness.  But we have taken this feminine giftedness and have made it the norm for all expressions of piety.  Masculine piety excels at toughness, but no one usually thinks to include toughness in their catalog of pieties.  For example, a young boy who is somewhat timid needs to learn the piety of courage.  If he has a good lacrosse coach, he will be urged to knock somebody down to the glory of God.  The point is not that boys need to learn courage and that girls do not, but rather that their different callings will affect how that courage is manifested.

(Doug Wilson, Future Men, 93-94)


One Response to “Knock ‘Em Down to the Glory of God”

  1. Ken Says:

    I had a good lacrosse coach like that, a good football coach like that, a good basketball, soccer and baseball coach like that!! Whatsoever ye do (including knocking down the other guy) do all to the glory of God!!

    I LIKE IT!!

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