Consider the Cost

July 1, 2009

When we are tempted, we often flirt with the perceived benefits of our sin.  But how often to we consider the cost of our actions?  Would it help you in your struggle for purity?

Randy Alcorn recently posted a very personal list of consequences he could face if he surrenders to sexual immorality.  It has become an important weapon in his arsenal against sin.

Periodically, especially when traveling or when in a time of temptation or weakness, we read through our list. In a personal and tangible way it brings home God’s inviolate law of choice and consequence. It cuts through the fog of rationalization and fills our hearts with the healthy, motivating fear of God. We find that when we begin to think unclearly, reviewing this list yanks us back to the reality of the law of the harvest and the need both to fear God and the consequences of sin.

Your battle may not be with sexual sin, but each of us has a sin we are wrestling with.  (If not, it’s time to check yourself!  Maybe that could be another post.)  Gossip?  Anger?  Impatience?  Bitterness?  Laziness?  It could benefit you to list and rehearse the price you may pay with your selfish choices.  I’m thinking about a few lists I could stick in my wallet or in my Bible.  You can read Alcorn’s list here.

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