Now We Know The Meaning Of Tired: AC09, Day 1

June 22, 2009

Have you ever experienced a deep down in the bones tired? I bet I know 36 small group leaders who feel that way tonight. And I bet there are about 35+ other volunteers who served in the kitchen, at security, in administration, at recreation and more who are eager to let their head rest on their pillows. But it’s a good kind of tired when you give yourself wholeheartedly to a task whose aim is the joy of the East Brainerd. Today was a good day, filled with a handful of surprises, met consistently with God’s grace and provision. One of our small group leaders asked me tonight how he could pray for me now that day one is over. I told him that I didn’t really have a prayer for myself. My prayer is that God would move this week. My prayer is that this week would be anything but ordinary and that when campers leave this week they leave transformed by the Gospel. AC09 is a fun camp. But I desire to see this week become something much more than that. I want to see God move. So, Concord, pray with me. Pray that God would move, and in His moving, He would move us.

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