International Church Planting

June 17, 2009

A little less than a year ago, after several years of praying and exploring different options, we decided to adopt an unreached people group in South Peru. The goal is simple: plant a church-planting church. This means that our deepest desire and goal is to plant a self-sustaining, indigenous church among the Yauyos Quechua people, and see that church, in turn, plant a self-sustaining, indigenous church. Our desire is to become a reproducing body both at home and abroad.

It is clear that God has commanded His Church to go to all nations and share the good news of Jesus Christ, but I suspect that some remain curious as to whether our mission strategy is God’s strategy. This isn’t to say that I believe people are suspicious as to whether or not our desire in Peru is biblical, but rather, whether or not it is the ideal strategy. Well, today I came across two posts that give a good explanation as to why churches like Concord should seek to plant churches internationally. Check them out here and here. Both posts reflect one church’s vision for reaching the world, but it’s a vision deeply rooted in a biblical theology of missions. And for that reason, it sure makes sense that we would listen to what Pastor J.D. Greear is saying.

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