Update from Alis, Peru

June 1, 2009

Pastor David called last night from Alis at around 9pm est.

Friday was a short night…only 4 hours of rest. It took a while to gather supplies on Saturday, so they got on the road late and didn’t reach Alis until 11pm. Sunday they traveled to Huancaya, Tomas, and Vitis. They had an informative 3 hour meeting with the pastor in Vitis. They returned to Alis for dinner, where the lady is cooking for them.

David was very encouraged about how well Nick and Colby were doing. Colby is great with the language, and though he is figuring our some small things, could’ve probably been their interpreter! As far as the 2 Reap South girls who are working with them, one is terribly homesick and is about to shut down. David asked us to pray specifically for our team and Reap’s team as they work together.

Please continue to pray for their stomachs! Last night Lisa was on the verge of getting ill.

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