The Latest from Alis

June 30, 2009

Colby has posted an update about their ministry in Alis, including the good news that Chris and Ashley Robbins arrived there safely yesterday.


If you’re a believer, you probably love Philippians 4:6-7.  These are the verses that tell us not to be anxious about anything but to pray about everything so that we might be guarded by God’s peace.  But do you know the sentence that precedes these verses?  If not, you should.  The preceding sentence in verse 5 lays the foundation for the anxiety-killing, prayer-encouraging, peace-filled life described in verses 6-7.

What are you waiting for?  Look up Philippians 4:5, read the last sentence of the verse, then connect it to verses 6-7.  You will have just been given a solid reason to rid yourself of anxiety through prayer.  When worry is close, there is one who is closer.

Masculine Toughness

June 29, 2009

No one is saying that a boy with a severed limb should be yelled at for bleeding on the carpet.  Nevertheless, instilling toughness in boys is extraordinarily important.  A masculine toughness is the only foundation upon which a masculine tenderness may be safely placed.  Without a concrete foundation, thoughtfulness, consideration, and sensitivity in men is just simply gross.

(Doug Wilson, Future Men, 87)

What would you do for the sake of the gospel?  Would you help carry a cow down a mountain?  Our intrepid summer missionaries did!  Two new updates by Colby and Nick have been posted here and here.  God is moving among the YQ far ahead of what we dreamed.  Please keep praying!

Piper hit the twittersphere this morning with this:

Questions God will not ask at the last judgment: Did you get a good tan?

I’ve thought about this tweet all day long.  What am I giving myself to that is inconsequential?  What am I not giving myself to that is monumental?  My friend Curtis followed with a blog post on a similar theme in which he talks about “the little that we make too much of” and “the much that we make too little of.”  Very much worth the read.