Evaluating Risk

May 29, 2009

As we’ve been mentally preparing for our next trip to Peru, I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote from Ralph Winters.  Dr. Winters was a missiologist who passed away this month after spending most of his 88 years pursuing the great commission.

“I coined the phrase, ‘You do not evaluate a risk by the probability of success but by the worthiness of the goal.’ We were willing to fail because the goal we sensed was so urgent and strategic.”  HT: Ray Ortland, Jr

How challenging and refreshing!  As we work among, the YQ, let us treasure the goal of God’s glory among every nation.  Pray for the YQ and for God’s work among them, and do not be disheartened.  For our hope is in God, and He will not fail.

You can hear more from Dr. Winters on JT’s blog.  I look forward to seeing you after we return.

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