May 28, 2009

I visited our beloved Bill and Dottie Clark yesterday.  Bill has ALS, or something very much like it, and can no longer get around without a motorized chair.  The Helping Hands ministry of our church, led by our deacons, organized a day to install two ramps at Bill’s house–one from the back door and another into the garage.  Knowing who was involved, I suspected that it would be a first-rate job.  Even so, I was still blown away by the craftsmanship that went into this project.  Our guys worked all day long, and the finished product was nothing short of impressive.  Words can’t express the thanksgiving I feel for these men, and for so many others like them in our church, who eagerly give themselves in service to others.

Main Ramp from House

Main Ramp from House

The Crew

The Crew (L-R): Jim Gregory, Stanley Hendon, Ian Smith, Randy Smith, Caleb Simpkins, Todd Simpson, Doug Simpkins


One Response to “Impressive”

  1. Pat Schmitt Says:

    What a wonderful team of guys and a beautiful job on the ramp for Bill and Dottie

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