We are Being Prayed For

April 9, 2009

My good friend David Michael emailed me a prayer after he listened to last Sunday’s sermon on the church at Thyatira (Rev 2:18-29).  I was blown away by the love, intensity, and vision of the prayer and was eager for more “amens” than my own to rise to the Lord after reading it.  Will you make this your prayer as well?

Almighty God,

I praise you for the word you gave to the church at Thyatira, and to the church of Chattanooga and this pastor in Minneapolis through your faithful servant and my brother David King.  I praise you for the boldness, the courage and the love you gave him to preach a difficult but crucial word for us all.

My prayer on this Tuesday morning is simple.  I pray that your Word would not return void and that you would grant to my brother the desire of his heart for his people.  May your Gospel become so impressed upon him and on his people that its power might be displayed in every facet of their lives.  May the message from your Word on Sunday keep ringing in their ears, especially in the ears of those who are caught in the tangle of sin.  O God, as you grant the grace of time to repent, may you also grant the gift of repentance.  May David witness the effects of your Word on his people.  Clear away any infection that may be hindering your work there in this assembly of your blood-bought bride.

Grant that the Gospel be visible in the way that Concord walks with you and depends upon you and communes with you and follows you.  May it be manifest in their affection for you.  Forbid that they lose their first love.  O God, I pray that their faith grows this week.  Make their lives be characterized by a rock-solid confidence in you, and help them to grow in their knowledge of the One in whom they have believed.  Establish them more fully in the light of your Word which is so faithfully proclaimed, and may their fellowship with you be unquestionable.

Meet every need in that church according to your faithfulness, your goodness and your mercy.  For those who sit in the pews each week but remain in unbelief, O God, let these faithful words to the seven churches penetrate their hardened hearts.  Confront them with a strong sense of your presence even today in the wake of Sunday’s message.  By your eternal power enter their thoughts and incline their hearts to you!  May they come to you through Jesus Christ and leave everything in your mighty and able hands.  Make today be the day that they taste and see that the Lord is very good.

And Lord, let the word and the hope of the Gospel that was so beautifully displayed on Sunday morning and is still sweet in my mouth after listening to it this morning penetrate the world that surrounds that faithful church.  Let the city of Chattanooga know the power of Christ.  May Christ be lifted up as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  May David and his congregation witness knee after knee bowing and honoring the One who surrendered himself to the cross.  And not just Chattanooga, but also here in Minneapolis and in every city and every village and every people group — may there be whole nations coming to you, honoring the One who gave His life for them.

I ask these things for the glory of the Son and in His precious name.  Amen!

Thank you, David, for praying for Concord!  And thank you for your treasured friendship in the gospel.


3 Responses to “We are Being Prayed For”

  1. Jan Durham Says:

    What a prayer for our church! I will say “amen” to it.

  2. Ron Durham Says:

    I definitely second that “amen”; every word reflects the needs of our church as well as churches throughout the world. My appreciation for my brother David Michaels is deepened by his heart for Christ’s church. That is what drew me to David & Sally in the first place, their passion for the gospel and their deeply rooted zeal to hold it high and make Him known in all their ways. In a world that is sin-cursed it is frighteningly too easy to be at ease in Zion and lose a broken-heartedness over sin. We forget so soon how close to the edge of the Abyss we were outside of Christ and how blessed it is that He rescued us from it. Lord, forgive us for our self-centered mindset that brings shame on Your name and quicken our deadened hearts to repent and to call others to do so.

  3. Amen to this wonderful prayer from your good friend, David Michael. What a blessing that he would lift our church family to the throne of God in such a humble way.

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