Reaching the Unreached (3)

April 3, 2009

No new news yet from our Peru team.  They head out of the villages today and drive back to Lima.  Please pray for their safety.

Also, the IMB targeted REAPSouth for prayer yesterday.  What are the odds that people all over the country prayed for the mission efforts in south Peru at the same time that our team was there?  I love it!  Here’s the IMB blurb:

REAPSOUTH PERU. The REAPSouth Peru Team is a volunteer-intensive church-planting group that works primarily in the southern section of Peru, from the southernmost border of the city of Lima, down the Central Highway and then between the states of Junin and Huancavelica to the frontier with Brazil. This team is involved in discovering where the unreached indigenous peoples are located. Once discovered, the data gathered takes the form of advocacy/promotional material to be provided for churches, associations, and partnerships in the United States so that they can prayerfully determine whether or not they should come on a vision trip. These vision trips are their opportunity to determine God’s will, to “capture the vision” for how to engage the unreached, and to confirm/gather information for potential future trips. Once committed, they are challenged to develop their own church-planting approach/plan, which begins with a prayer strategy, worldview study, and church-planting training. The REAPSouth Peru Team is alongside them all the way during this process, traveling with them on the vision trip, assisting them with their strategic plan, and providing training both in Peru and in the United States. To date, there are 40-plus partnerships, engaging dozens and dozens of “pockets of lostness.” Pray that more will come.


One Response to “Reaching the Unreached (3)”

  1. Ken Ivins Says:

    No surprise here – when God does something, he does it right! We are looking forward to the report from our team.

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