Update from South Peru

March 31, 2009

Ed. note: Here’s some of an email we received from Aaron and the gang on Tuesday night.  Please continue praying for our team in the villages of the Yauyos Quechua this week.

Greetings from South Peru!
Today we are in the village of Laoras. So far we´ve spent a considerable amount of time in Hauncaya, Vitis and Alis. We have had many lengthy conversations and have spend a considerable amount of time in prayer. Tomorrow we plan to spend the day in Tomas and perhaps Miraflores, and then we have meetings on Thurs am in Huancaya with school teachers. Thurs afternoon we are going to share in the school in Alis.  We stayed in Huancaya for 1 evening but spent last night in Alis.

So far we’ve been able to clearly share the gospel with at least 1 person everyday. This has been encouraging as well as challenging. There is such confusion about the gospel here. The Catholic church has done such a disservice to these people. The Jehovah´s Witnesses have missionaries in Vitis and Huancaya. Pray for Raul, Everanda, Brad, and Sarah specifically. We also met a woman in the square of Huancaya that I shared the gospel with but I do not recall her name. We´ve also encountered American Peace Corps workers in Alis, Vitis and Laoras.

We´ve eaten local cuisine at least once everyday and so far no one is sick. Today when we came to Laoras we were asked to stay for a local luncheon or meeting. We initially declined but the mayor insisted we stay. They served us a feast – and I am not exaggerating -of trout, boiled potatoes, boiled sweet potatoes, some kind of pea or bean, cheese and a tamale which consisted of ground corn and sugar. It was very good but none of us were very hungry as we had already eaten lunch. But we ate all that we could with thanksgiving.

Our translator Daniel is fantastic. In conversation he even said he might be willing to move to this region for the sake of the Gospel! He is 26 yrs old, single, and has done a very good job.

We have many interesting things to share but little time to do it here. We are getting a better feel for where homebase should be and hope to have more clarity by week´s end. Please pray for us. Our time here has been both encouraging and a reality check as to how desperate we are for God to work in this region. There is such spiritual darkness and confusion among the people here but they all want to know when we will be back.

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