Learning from the Nations

March 11, 2009

In ESL (English as a Second Language) this morning, I departed from my customary devotion and asked the group to teach me.  My question to this roomful of unbelievers (mainly) from a dozen countries around the world, was, “Why do you think people don’t believe in Jesus?”  Here were their answers:

  • We can’t see him.  (I think this was a reference to unbelief in God rather than in Jesus.)
  • Some people don’t know about Jesus.
  • My parents were Buddhist and didn’t teach me about Jesus.
  • Many people think that they have no sin.
  • People are too busy.
  • Bad things happen to Christians just as much as to non-Christians.
  • I believe in Jesus but not that he was the Son of God.  God can’t have children.
  • Christians don’t love their enemies.  Look at America, it is at war in the Middle East.

What can we learn from these answers?


One Response to “Learning from the Nations”

  1. Glenn Says:

    That Christians have not articulated the Gospel and who God as Trinity really is over several decades. American Christians have also united the Church with their Country all too often to the point that most non-Christians (especially non-American non-Christians) think that there are actually things called “Christian Nations”.

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