Update from South Peru

March 31, 2009

Ed. note: Here’s some of an email we received from Aaron and the gang on Tuesday night.  Please continue praying for our team in the villages of the Yauyos Quechua this week.

Greetings from South Peru!
Today we are in the village of Laoras. So far we´ve spent a considerable amount of time in Hauncaya, Vitis and Alis. We have had many lengthy conversations and have spend a considerable amount of time in prayer. Tomorrow we plan to spend the day in Tomas and perhaps Miraflores, and then we have meetings on Thurs am in Huancaya with school teachers. Thurs afternoon we are going to share in the school in Alis.  We stayed in Huancaya for 1 evening but spent last night in Alis. Read the rest of this entry »


Our Peru team is spending the week among our adopted people group, the Yauyos Quechuas.  Our long-term goal is to plant churches within our five target villages.  Last night the team was in Huancaya.  Tomorrow, Vitis.  I’ll try to post a video of a village tomorrow.


Residential Courtyard in Huancaya

Jesus, Before and After

March 25, 2009

Have you ever noticed that before his glorification, the Bible is virtually silent about Jesus’ appearance?  We don’t know what his hair looked like, or the color of his eyes, or the tone of his skin, or how tall he was.  Isaiah furnishes our only glimpse, prophesying that the Servant would have “no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him” (53:2).  Before his glorification, Jesus was a non-descript, common-looking Jewish man.

But not after his glorification.  After Jesus’ glorification, the Bible describes Jesus for the first time.  It still doesn’t tell us about his biological features (except that his resurrection body bears the scars of crucifixion), but it describes Jesus for us in images so glorious, so authoritative, so stunning, that to see him would cause you to fall at his feet as though dead (Revelation 1:17).

The glorified Jesus, apparently, is the one God would have us see in our mind’s eye as we press on to the end in faithful obedience.  Have you looked at him lately?  (Check out Revelation 1:12-20; chap. 5; 19:11-16.)

In Case You Had Doubts

March 23, 2009

Now here’s a book that should have been on the bestseller list at Lifeway:


Forgive Me

March 19, 2009

If the practice of asking people to forgive you is as rare as a good snow in Chattanooga, you are likely either blind or proud.  The blind doesn’t see his sin; the proud sees but refuses to deal with it.