I would like to think of myself as a great reader.  In reality, I am only a good reader in the right environment.  I finally had to admit that Mom was right – I cannot read well in front of the TV, while listening to music, or in two minute bursts.  I read best when I clear some time, turn off distractions, and really focus on the book in front of me.  (Panera is my secret study.)  Reading becomes a lot easier with a little preparation. Read the rest of this entry »


I Stink, I Cry

February 19, 2009

Yesterday Aaron posted some insightful thoughts about evangelism.  Today I follow in his wake by agreeing that I stink at evangelism and that this father’s conversion brought tears to my eyes.  Oh, how I long for God to use me and my church family to increase his Kingdom!


February 17, 2009

I recently had a great lunch conversation with one of our members where he asked, “Why aren’t we seeing many conversions at Concord?” There could be many reasons as to why God’s Spirit hasn’t moved in such a way that we are consistently seeing people in our community come to Christ through our ministries at Concord (though God has been saving people from within our congregation and we should praise Him for that!), but I think Jesus provides at least one clue in Matthew 9. Check out my thoughts here.

What’s Your Excuse?

February 16, 2009

The sluggard says, “There is a lion in the road!  There is a lion in the streets!” (Proverbs 26:13)

There is no end to the creativity of the lazy person in concocting excuses not to work.  How will you attempt to excuse yourself from your God-given responsibilities today?  Choose the path of wisdom instead.

Russell Moore has a very interesting article about the sinister nature of cellphones, but particularly the phenomenon called text-messaging.  Moore writes:

A pre-teen or a teenager with unrestricted cell-phone usage (or Internet or television consumption) is being placed in a very, very difficult place of temptation. The company of that young man or woman is now away from the scrutiny of parents, and is now left only to his or her discretion or conscience.  Are there some young Christians who can handle such? Of course. Should you assume your child is one of them? Your Father is more careful of you than that.