Be A Gospel-Sharing Culture

December 10, 2008

Ligon Duncan posts a helpful summary of what a gospel-sharing local church should look like. I hope you are both encouraged and challenged as I was.

  1. Your whole congregation should be able to articulate the Gospel, personally, in a compelling and understandable way;
  2. Your whole congregation should understand the importance and necessity of their lives, their prayers and their participation in Gospel witness;
  3. Your whole congregation should deeply care about conversions (and I would lay stress here, that we are talking about real conversions, not numbers; disciples, not decisions; changed lives, not merely prayed prayers);
  4. Your whole congregation should earnestly and regularly pray for conversions, talks about their own conversions and the conversions of others, and put a priority on people coming to know God; and
  5. Your whole congregation should be excited about the Gospel itself, and not simply about a method of sharing the Gospel, or a training program.

Are we there yet?

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