A Good Reminder

December 3, 2008

Darrell Cook, a missionary to South Africa who has spoken in our church twice, ended a recent email to me and two other pastors with these words:

Please tell your congregations how essential the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is to the IMB.  I would like to have five minutes in your pulpits in December to say thank you to your folks, but that is not possible.  It is a privilege to deliver the gospel of Christ because faithful Baptists continue to give sacrificially.  God has a remarkable plan for missions.  He continues to call people and Baptists continue to send them. 

That’s a good reminder for us to give sacrificially and cheerfully to the World Mission Offering, fifty percent of which comprises our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  As we give, we are helping to support 5,193 missionaries in other countries — missionaries like Darrell and his wife Elaine.  Last year, IMB missionaries started 23,486 churches and celebrated 475,072 baptisms.  Let’s help that work to continue by giving to the World Mission Offering. 

Our big ingathering for the World Mission Offering this year will be the Sunday before Christmas, December 21.  I hope you will come to church that day ready and eager to give.

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