Warm Feelings

September 24, 2008

I was asked last night by one of our members about my preaching plan for Titus.  He was interested in reading the preaching text during the week in order to be better prepared to listen on Sunday.  You ought to know that, for a pastor, hearing a request like this is something like a person saying to you, “Can I give you a lot of money?” or, “Will you permit me to take a few minutes to tell you how great you are?”  Warm feelings, baby.

Here is my tentative breakdown of Titus, along with key-words to guide your thinking.  As Drew will tell you, though, this schedule is subject to change if the Spirit leads differently or if I get fickle.  I hope many in our church will read and reflect on the passage in preparation for the message. 

Sep 21 / 1:1-4 / introduction
Sep 28 / 1:5-9 / elders
Oct 5 / 1:10-16 / troublemakers
Oct 12 / 2:1-10 / relationships
Oct 19 / 2:11-14 / grace
Oct 26 / 2:15 / authority
Nov 2 / 3:1-8 / government
Nov 9 / 3:1-8 / gospel
Nov 16 / 3:9-11 / avoidance
Nov 23 / 3:12-15 / conclusion

By the way, the entire order of worship for Sunday is posted on our website each Friday (click ‘resources’ and ‘order of worship’).  You can prepare your heart not just for the sermon but also for the singing.

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