I Wish Uncle Sam Would Bail Me Out

September 18, 2008

Kids love to make up big numbers, like one-hundred million billion gazillion googleplexes.  I think our government is still playing this game.  (That last sentence was a joke.  Kind of.)  Seriously, I see the numbers of dollars our government spends to bail out failing investment banks — now equalling more than $1000 for every man, woman, and child in America — and I wonder some things.  Where does all this money come from?  How will it be paid back?  Why are we in such a mess?  What would happen if the government didn’t come to the rescue?  What biblical lessons should I as a Christian learn from this crisis? 

And then I read this.  Very, very helpful for a guy who hasn’t had economics since high school.  Thank you, Justin Taylor and David Kotter.

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