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September 4, 2008

At our Men’s Retreat, Randy Stinson made an arresting statement.  In a room that size, over a dozen men were presently struggling with pornography (statistically speaking).  How do we respond to such an invasive and illusive struggle with sexual sin?  The temptations to linger and lust are everywhere, but our unlimited cable TV options and internet access have moved the battle for purity into the family room.  American churches are full of men and women who fight and fail every day.  And yet, it is hard to carry on an open conversation about sexual sin.  It becomes too easy to feel isolated and rejected, the very feelings that often lead back to sin.

David Powlison wrote an excellent article for anyone who struggles with pornography (or for those who are trying to help).  Addiction may seem like too strong of a word, but don’t let that keep you from reading the article.  From the introduction:

There is no magic bullet to free you from your addiction, but when you ask Jesus for help, he will come to you mercifully and firmly. Jesus welcomes all kinds of strugglers into his kingdom, and his Spirit will provide the deep-down change you long for.

Change happens when you face your behavior honestly, understand the roots of your behavior, and then go to God to work true change in your life. The true change that comes from God will affect not only your behavior, but also your imagination and desires in life. Do you believe God can do this? Take a step of faith; read this article, and ask God to use it to begin to change you.

Read the entire article here.

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