August 19, 2008

I still remember the occasion when God began giving me a desire not just to be in the ministry but to be a pastor.  I was sitting in the preaching lab at Beeson Divinity School listening to a visiting speaker talk about the church.  He spoke intelligently and biblically and passionately about God’s plan to put his glory on display through the church, about how Jesus Christ gave his blood for the church, about how the church was meant to function.  God stirred my heart.  I began to experience a love for the local church that I had never had before, and in time I knew that God meant for me to be a pastor.

The man I heard speaking that day was named Mark Dever.  Mark is the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C., and the leader of 9Marks Ministries.  I’m thankful to God for Mark’s influence in my life and am honored to call him a friend.  And I’m nearly beside myself to announce that Mark and three other leaders from 9Marks Ministries will be hosting a regional workshop at our church in October. 

Concord, make plans now to attend the workshop.  You can read the info here.  (Note: the fee for Concord members is only $20.)  You will want to attend in order to:

(1) understand me better;
(2) understand the church better;
(3) either thank Mark or blame him for his influence on my life.

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