Key Thoughts from S Peru Adoption Q & A

August 17, 2008

  1. The Missions Committee has been working for 2 years to develop a strategic missions strategy for Concord, exploring many options including, but not limited to, Canada, North Peru and South Peru.
  2. The Missions Committee will continue to explore where Concord can invest significantly in international missions for the sake of the nations whether or not the Missions Committee pursues adoption in South Peru or not.
  3. The Yauyos Quechua people group is within 14 hours travel via air and ground from Chattanooga.
  4. The number of participants needed to invest in multiple trips to the Yauyos Quechuas may only slightly exceed the number of participants who served on foreign mission trips this year (21 people).
  5. The strategy needed to plant church planting churches in South Peru has already been developed by REAPSouth of the International Mission Board but will need to be tweaked to meet the needs of the Yauyos Quechuas and the talents and gifts of Concord Baptist Church.
  6. Travel to the Yauyos Quechuas is reasonably safe. Ground travel will be made by 4×4 pick-up trucks. Roads consist of both well-maintained pavement and gravel roads.
  7. Accomodations among the Yauyos Quechuas are better than adequate including shelter, running water, and toilets.
  8. The Missions Committee has been in consistent contact with several of the thirty-seven churches that are already a part of the REAPSouth church planting strategy.
  9. The Missions Committee currently does not anticipate a financial commitment that is significantly higher than our current financial commitment to international missions in order to adopt an unreached people group. Admittedly this could change in the event that our strategy changes.
  10. The Missions Committee believes that the mission strategy to plant church planting churches among the Yauyos Quechua people group is accessible to many members from our congregation, from young adults (12-19) to senior adults, depending on the kind of trip organized (discipleship, evangelism, medical, prayer walking, etc).
  11. The Missions Committee strongly believes that we must become a gospel-shaped, gospel-sharing church among both our neighbors and the nations.
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