Thank you, Concord

July 27, 2008

Dear Concord family,

When you first heard about the homecoming of our son last week, you were probably just as surprised as we were.  We believed it was something God would do eventually, but His perfect timetable was breathtaking.  It made me appreciate why Abraham would name his son “Laughter.”

As Jonathan joins our family, he is also becoming a part of this wonderful family at Concord.  Today, Amy and I want to thank you for your part in his homecoming.  Through your prayers, in your encouragement, and now through your financial generosity, you have helped bring our son, Jonathan, home.  If you will allow me to borrow an image: last Thursday, we saw God take the fish and loaves in our bank account, bless it with your gifts, and use it to pay our $12,500 fee.  While we trusted that God would provide somehow, the way you responded was humbling, gratifying, and truly wonderful. 

We thank God for filling your hearts with generosity and care for our family, and we thank you for warmly welcoming our son, Jonathan David.  Truly, God has given.  Thank you so very much.

With full hearts of praise,

Drew and Amy

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