Daddy Drew and Mommy Amy

July 17, 2008

When I go to the beach on vacation, I’ve been known to bring home a lousy t-shirt or a tacky shark-tooth refrigerator magnet.  Evidently those types of souvenirs are too tame for Drew and Amy, so they brought home a baby! 

Drew and Amy left their home for vacation without any idea that one week later they would return home with a newborn son.  I believe they now hold the distinction of experiencing both the longest adoption process (still waiting on China after two years!) and the shortest.  

Click here to see some beautiful pictures of Jonathan David taken by our church’s own uber-talented photographer, Diana Simpson. 

Also, many people from church are contributing to an adoption fund for the Scotts in light of the big check that the adoption agency is requiring next week.  If you would like to give through the church, clearly mark your gift for the Scotts.  However, please note that since we are serving only as a clearinghouse for the funds, your gift will not be tax-exempt. 

Congratulations, Daddy Drew and Mommy Amy!  We are rejoicing with you over God’s good gift.

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