Mowing in the Dark

July 8, 2008

Monday is my new mowing day.  I used to mow on Fridays, but I’m trying Mondays for a while in order to leave myself more room for other projects on the weekend.  And it keeps me ahead of my hyper-compulsive neighbor whose yard looks like a fairway at Augusta, but that’s another story. 

Last night I discovered one weakness to my new mowing plan.  If I run after work, and then enjoy some time with my family over dinner, not much daylight is left for getting my yard in shape.  Needless to say, I mowed part of my yard in the dark.  I did the best I could, but would my work turn out well, or would my yard look like it had been mowed by a drunken man?  I went to bed excited about what the morning light would reveal.

Which made me think…. Mowing in the dark is kind of like being a Christian.  We work the best we can in the grace God supplies, but the results are often hard to discern.  For example:

  • What unseen effects are our prayers having? 
  • How is God using our attempts at godly instruction to rescue our children for himself?
  • Has our verbal witness for Christ unknowingly resulted in someone being saved? 
  • Have our good deeds in Christ unknowingly resulted in someone being saved?
  • How has God advanced his kingdom through my regular offerings?
  • In what way has my suffering with faith strengthened fellow believers?
  • Is my service to others really making an eternal difference? 

Some results aren’t easily measured.  They may even be imperceptible or altogether unknown.  But the morning light will reveal all.  The day is coming when we shall see how well we have done (1 Cor 4:5).  Until then, don’t give up or lose heart.  Keep plodding along faithfully, even when results are uncertain, and I think you will be pleased when the eternal sun dawns on your work. 

I was pleased when I saw my yard this morning.  It turned out great!

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