July 7, 2008

Yesterday I received this email from Arnold who works with REAPSouth and visited us with Mike Weaver this past March.

We started the summer out with more than 60 summer missionaries who set on to serve in 14+ different Andean villages. In addition to our village teams, we have a team doing research.  This team’s goal is to go into areas that we have not been, determining if there is a Christian presence and if it is feasible for a church from the US to adopt the areas based on accessibility, lodging, and food.

 Until last week the research team consisted of Kristen, Lydia, and Greg, at which point Claudia became the team leader, allowing Kristen to fulfill other responsibilities with our REAPSouth team.  

 Yesterday, while investigating villages in around Abancay, Apurimac, Peru, the group was involved in a public transportation accident.  The micro bus they were riding in crashed into the side of a mountain.  Greg passed away from a head injury he received.  Lydia has a mild concussion that she is being treated for.  Claudia has a whelping contusion on her leg, for which they are monitoring for clots.

 Please pray for the following:

 The family of Greg.  He was a recent graduate of Ole Miss in Mechanical Engineering, with plans to start his career at a company in St. Louis upon returning to the US. His family is from the St. Louis area.

Claudia and Lydia, both for their recovery and their emotional state.  They witnessed a graphic death of their friend and teammate.

Kristen, the previous head of this team.  Besides being close to Greg, she recently witnessed the aftermath of a bus accident on another mountainside and was already having trouble with the memory from the previous accident.

Our missionary team, especially Mike Weaver as he is traveling to Abancay today to bring Claudia and Lydia back to Lima and to determine the logistics of getting the body back to the US.

Our almost 60 other summer missionaries as they are slowly becoming aware of the situation and are grieving the loss of such a dear servant.

 Thank you so much for your constant, unfailing support.

Pray for all involved in this situation as the Spirit brings them to mind this week.

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