Happy Fathers Day!

June 15, 2008

How about a free book? Stephen Atroggee has just published a free e-book called My Friend, My Hero, My Dad. It may be a good read for you as we think about dads. Stephen’s dad is a pastor and a songwriter, but the book isn’t really spent putting him on a pedestal. From the opening:

…this book isn’t a tribute to my dad. If it was up to him, this book would never be written. He would acknowledge that any good he has done is solely by the grace of God. Neither is this book a theology of parenting. I’m not qualified to write a book of that sort, and there are many excellent books already written on the topic. And I don’t have any experience as a parent yet, so this book isn’t written from one parent to another. Rather, this book is written as an encouragement to parents who are working to raise their children in the fear of the Lord. It’s written from the perspective of a son who deeply loves and closely watched his dad. I hope the example of my dad stirs fresh faith in your heart for all that God can do through a godly father or mother. I also hope that you’re filled with new zeal to raise your children in a manner that pleases and honors Jesus Christ.

Download the book as a PDF file for free from Stephen’s site. I hope you find it an encouraging reminder of God’s grace in parenting. I also hope you have a chance to call or remember your father today. I’m going to call my dad around lunch time. I’m grateful for a dad who I can call on for advice, for encouragement, or to enjoy “being family.”

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