The Gospel In All Its Forms

May 27, 2008

Tim Keller has written a very helpful article on the broad implications of the Gospel. One reason I think this article would be worth your time to read is because of Pastor David’s new series about the Kingdom. While the Gospel should not be primarily viewed in corporate terminology which sees the primary effects of the Gospel as transformative for creation (eschatalogical implications), nor should we see it primarily as individualistic, what we might call the simple Gospel, which is the message one must embrace in spiritual new birth.

If we were to bring our Gospel understanding into the light what would probably be exposed is that most of us are guilty of seeing the Gospel primarily in an individualistic light. The classic view of the Gospel (God, Man, Christ, Response) is important. We shouldn’t minimize the bare essentials of what one must believe in faith. It is the foundation of biblical faith. Yes. The foundation, but not the whole structure. When we ignore the eschatalogical or Kingdom implications of the Gospel, we miss the breadth and depth of the Gospel.

I hope that you’ll take the time to read this article and think critically about the merits of what Keller is saying. I think you’ll find it to be a helpful guide as we listen to the message of the Kingdom over the next several weeks together.

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