Keep Praying for China, Myanmar

May 15, 2008

No doubt, you’ve been reading about the devastation in these two countries, one by earthquake and the other by a cyclone.  The people of both countries need to be in our thoughts and prayers, even when they are pushed out of the news cycle.  When I read about the earthquake in Sichuan province, one thought colors the statistics for me. The number of deaths may top 50,000 very soon.  Because the quake hit during school hours, children made up a significant part of that death toll.  When you remember China’s famous “one child” policy, the tragedy deepens.  These parents have lost their only child. I grieve for these families, and pray that they will find the comfort of Christ through the rapidly growing number of believers in China.  Remember that this disaster still may open doors in two countries who are, in different ways, resistant to the gospel.  Pray for God to be magnified through acts of mercy in the coming months.

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