They Aren’t Coming

May 1, 2008

Profound insight #1: Unchurched people don’t go to church.  

They aren’t driving past our buildings during the week thinking, “Boy, I really need to go visit there this Sunday.”  They aren’t setting their alarm clocks to wake up early Sunday morning, get dressed up on a day off, pile their family into the car, and visit a stange place filled with people they don’t know.  It’s funny, almost stupid, that we would expect them to.   

But according to Lifeway Research, if an unchurched person got the notion to come to church, the number one factor in determining where to visit would be the recommendation of a family member or friend.  Which leads me to…

Profound insight #2: The churched should go to the unchurched.

We should be intentional about developing relationships with unchurched people.  Love them.  Serve them.  Pray for them.  Speak of Jesus to them.  Invite them to visit.   

Our goal isn’t simply to get more people into our pews but more people onto the path of discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20).  And since these people aren’t coming to us first, we must first go to them.

What unchurched people in your life could you begin developing a better relationship with?  What practical steps could you take to do so? 


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