Another Christian T-shirt?

April 28, 2008

You don’t have to go far into the Christian bookstore to find “Jesus” stamped on any number of odd trinkets. Candies, shoelaces, and golf tees claim to profess Christ for us…maybe so we don’t have to. I have often been critical of my own cynical reaction to such items. After all, that Jesus temporary tattoo might start a conversation or catch someone at a “ripe moment.” God has, after all, spoken through donkeys. But what if cynicism is not the end, but a means to change?

Stephen Nichols (no, not OUR Stephen Nichols) has written a thoughtful article on this issue of Christ and Consumerism called “Golfing for Jesus.” Don’t let the length keep you away – it is an enjoyable read. He put his finger on some very poignant thoughts that you might be able to apply to your own life as a disciple. Here’s part of his conclusion:

“…perhaps we really do need cynical responses from within the Christian community, such cynical responses that refuse to be indifferent to the adaptation of market forces and consumer practices in the task of making disciples. We need … to drive our discipleship deep in the personal form of life, eschewing the commodity form of life. To embrace the commodity form, even in the name of evangelizing, exploits the faith and abdicates our calling. Most times it simply makes us look silly. A commodified gospel does not a good gospel make. So too, commodified disciples do not good disciples make.”

Here’s to not letting your bumper sticker do your job … or steal your joy!

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