You don’t have to go far into the Christian bookstore to find “Jesus” stamped on any number of odd trinkets. Candies, shoelaces, and golf tees claim to profess Christ for us…maybe so we don’t have to. I have often been critical of my own cynical reaction to such items. After all, that Jesus temporary tattoo might start a conversation or catch someone at a “ripe moment.” God has, after all, spoken through donkeys. But what if cynicism is not the end, but a means to change? Read the rest of this entry »


The Lord’s Prayer

April 25, 2008

[HT: Kerry Jones]

ESV Study Bible

April 24, 2008

With 25,000 plus notes, over 40 color illustrations, over 200 full-color maps, 200 plus charts, 80,000 cross references, and over 100 articles and introductions, it’s no wonder that Jerry Bridges would say, “The ESV Study Bible is the finest study tool I have seen in fifty years of Bible teaching.”

Check it out here.  I can’t wait for October!

By the way, the study notes for 1-2 Timothy and Titus were written by Dr. Ray Van Neste, who has been to our church on two occasions now.  Ray did his Ph.D. on the Pastorals. 

T4G Panel Discussions

April 24, 2008

The panel discussions are now online.  Each discussion followed the message that preceded, so you will be served best by listening to the message and then to the corresponding panel discussion.  Here’s a quick and easy reference guide: Read the rest of this entry »

For Parents and Children

April 22, 2008

Here is a sermon worth reading, listening to, or watching: Let No One Despise You for Your Youth.  Why should kids listen? Read the rest of this entry »