Fifty-two Easter Sermons

March 19, 2008

“How many different Easter sermons can a person preach?” the pastor asked, only mildly joking.  I understand the question.  It’s the same quandary likely faced by the menu developers at Zaxby’s: “How many different ways can we serve chicken?”  Regardless of preparation and presentation, the main course doesn’t change. 

The quandary disappears in light of the following truth:

The preachers’ commission is to declare the whole counsel of God; but the cross is the centre of that counsel, and…the traveller through the Bible landscape misses his way as soon as he loses sight of the hill called Calvary.  (J. I. Packer, A Quest for Godliness, 286) 

The main course never changes, and we shouldn’t want it to.  Every sermon — not just every Easter sermon, but every sermon — needs to have “a sighting of the hill called Calvary.”  The preacher misses his way, and unintentionally leads his people astray, when he fails to relate every biblical text and topic to the cross and resurrection of Jesus.  In short, every sermon should be fit for Easter, because every passage of Scripture, rightly understood, has the shadow of Easter on it.   

Pray for your pastor as he prepares to preach this Easter.  And pray for him every other week of the year too, that the reality of Easter would permeate his sermons.  The gospel is for saint and sinner, every Sunday.  

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