Thank You for Praying

March 8, 2008

It has been an incredibly emotional week in Seattle.  In a few days, we had the pain of losing a sister, the heavy task of organizing the things she left behind, and the joyful sorrow of a beautiful memorial service led by Ally’s friends.  Everyone made their way back to North Carolina between Friday night and Saturday morning, and we are preparing ourselves for another wave of grief as we prepare for the east coast memorial service. 

Losing Ally has been a bitter blow to our family, but in spending time in Seattle, we learned more about Ally than we could have imagined.  She has been surrounded by a great group of friends who have seen her through hard and dark times, and have seen her emerge a stronger, beautiful example of care and servanthood to those in her community.  We are grateful for what God has been doing and more than joyful to see God’s hand on her life.  

Amy and I are exhausted, and hope for refreshing sleep tonight.  Please pray for our capacity to care for our family, and for us to continue to grieve well.  Please pray for Amy’s mom and dad, for their faith and encouragement in coming days and weeks. Pray for the friends who will surround them in the coming days with sympathy and tears.  Pray that the memorial service will honor Christ and help others prioritize their lives with eternity in view.  

Finally, pray for a young man named Bill.  Bill was dating Ally and was with her when she died,.  He is stricken with grief and is not sure where to look for answers. Pray he will continue to pursue relationships with Ally’s friends who can point him to the hope we have in Jesus.  Pray also that he will accept our encouragement to pursue a relationship with Bethany Community Church or another faithful church in Seattle.  

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