Name That President

February 18, 2008

Valentine’s Day came and went with nary a post on love.  Determined to right this wrong, and not to obscure President’s Day in the process, I shall now provide a loving quote from a former president.  Can you guess who wrote the following? 

“Your sentiments of the duties we owe to our country are such as become the best of women and the best of men.  Among all the disappointments and perplexities which have fallen my share in life, nothing has contributed so much to support my mind as the choice blessing of a wife.” 

And the author of this exemplary quote is…John Adams, second president of the United States of America.  President Adams penned these words to his wife Abigail in the tumultuous year of 1776.  May the Lord continue to grant us noble sentiments for our country and, as Christian husbands, such thoughtful praise for our wives.

(quote taken from David McCullough, John Adams, 107)

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