How To Preach the Gospel To Yourself

February 11, 2008

Girl Talk (an excellent site for women) has posted a reminder from CJ Mahaney’s book Living the Cross-Centered Life about how to preach the gospel to yourself.  

Memorize the Gospel—“All God’s promises commands are precious and powerful, but those verses that tell us of the Son of God who gave His life in our place are the most precious and powerful of all.” You can begin by memorizing verses such as 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 8:31, Isaiah 53:3-6.

Pray the Gospel—“The gospel should be at the center of your prayer life because the gospel makes it possible for us to approach God.”

Sing the Gospel—“A Christian’s heart should be brimming over every day with the song of Calvary.” You’ll find cross-centered music at the Sovereign Grace Ministries web store.

Review How the Gospel Has Changed You—“For Christians, one of the best ways we can draw near the blazing fire of the cross is to remember our past, and allow it to remind us of how marvelous God’s salvation really is.” 

Study the Gospel—“To grow in your passion for what Jesus has done, increase your understanding of what He has done.” Discovering the Power of the Cross of Christ by Charles Spurgeon and The Cross of Christ by John Stott are two classic works to get you started.

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