The Transforming Power of Worship

February 8, 2008

Sam Storms writes about worship in his excellent work One Thing. I would encourage you to spend some time meditating on this quote sometime prior to our worship gathering this Sunday.

“Worship is eminently practical because adoring and affecting praise in what restores our ultimate value. It exposes the worthless temporary and tawdry stuff of this world. Worship energizes the heart to seek satisfaction in Jesus alone. In worship we are reminded that this world is fleeting and unworthy of our heart’s devotion. Worship connects our souls with the transcedent power of God and awakens in us appreciation for true beauty. It pulls back the veil of deception and exposes the ugliness of sin and Satan. Worship is a joyful rebuke of the world. When our hearts are riveted on Jesus everything else in life becomes so utterly unnecessary and we become far less demanding.”

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